Young adult hiking club - Hobart, Tasmania.


A hiking group for young adults. 

  • Do you love hiking, getting active, nature and the outdoors in general? Do you want to meet more like-minded people your age?

  • Well here it is - a group and community for young adults aged between 18 and 40. Based in Hobart,Tasmania (hiking capital of the world), We are positive, active, passionate are have the essentials for whether you're just starting out or seasoned hiker!

  • Above all, we recognise that our special places enrich and shape us and therefore should be treated with respect and admiration. That means we follow the 'Leave no trace' bushwalking principles at all times to minimise our impact on the places we visit. That also means we encourage creative non-intrusive ways that capture the beauty of those places, including photography. 

  • We warmly welcome and include all who share this common interest for hiking and respect for our natural and cultural places.

  • Beginner, intermediate or experienced - it doesn't matter! In our program, we include a healthy mix of easier shorter walks / activities to longer day and overnight hikes. This program includes a series of semi-regular training hikes that allows beginners to train up to more difficult hikes and achieve their nominated health and wellbeing goals. Hiking is shown to have significant benefits to achieving both mental and physical health outcomes. "Green fitness" 

  • As an open and inclusive group, we strive to ensure events that are organised meet the differing desires from different members.

  • Join and get involved today it you’re looking forward to meeting some amazing like-minded people in some very special places.

  • We have spent the past 10 year working in the Tasmanian and Australian outdoor industry and have noticed the growing interest in hiking and holidaying in nature. If you're new to Tassie, let us help you get settled in your new beautiful island home. 

Seasonal Membership.  

Spring - Sep to Nov

Summer - Dec to Feb

Autumn - Mar to May

Winter - Jun - Aug

1x Overnight hike each season.

3x Full day hikes each season 

3x Shorter hikes each season 

Example Summer Season Hikes: 

Shorter Hikes: 2 hr Knock-lofty Loop, 2.5hr Fern Tree to the Springs return, 2 hr Snug Falls Hike.

Day Hikes: Bruny Island - Cape Queen Elizabeth + the Neck - 4-5hrs, Tarn Shelf Loop - 6 hrs, Wellington Falls Return - 6 hours

Overnight: Cape Pillar - 2 night, 3 day self supported hike, 40km.  


1 season: $30

2 seasons: $55

3 seasons: $85

All seasons: $100



Tracks and Trails Team & See Tasmania. 

We are two bushwalking guides and the owners of a small hiking business based here in Hobart. 

Having spent the past decade working in the outdoor industry we want to further our commitment to sharing our beautiful home with people. Our hiking club, Tracks and Trails is dedicated to assisting young adults get out into nature. We have noticed the growing trend in young people looking to the outdoors for fitness and well-being. However, there is not a dedicated group or club for young adults to join. We aim to create a welcoming space for people between the ages of 18 and 40. With a healthy mix of easy and intermediate hikes to cater for those starting out or seasoned hikers.

  • Price: Adult - $160 | Concession/Student - $145 | Child (5-17 y.o) - $80 | Family of 4 - $400




Hobart is we think, the hiking capital of the world. With over a 100 tracks and trials within an hour of our city, there is always somewhere to explore. 

  • Details: 9km | 4.5hrs walking time | 400m elevation gain | Departs: Mondays and Thursdays | 8:30am -  5:30pm
  • Difficulty: T2 – Moderate Narrower but distinct tracks, steep steps in many places, natural environments. Facilities are minimal and you may encounter fast changing weather.. These moderate tours require reasonable level of fitness.
  • Food: Morning tea with fresh baked pastries, fruit, pressed coffee and brewed tea. Afternoon seafood BBQ, beer & wine.
  • Price: Adult - $160 | Concession/Student - $145 | Child (5-17 y.o) - $80 | Family of 4 - $400




Hike to the pinnacle of kunanyi/Mt. Wellington ascending from Fern Tree, visit waterfalls and lush rain-forest. Reach the alpine trails alongside wildflowers, cliff faces and extensive views over Hobart and beyond.

Enjoy a BBQ lunch and hot coffee at the Historic Springs Site. This is the essential local experience.

  • Details: 7km | 4 hrs walking time | 800m elevation gain | Departs: Sundays | 10:30am -  5:00pm
  • Difficulty: T4 – Challenging: You will experience marked, rough and some hard to distinct tracks. Though close to Hobart, the weather on the mountain changes very suddenly. Challenging walks need a higher level of fitness and some hiking experience.
  • Food: Fresh fruit. Local coffee, chai or brewed tea from Lost Freight Cafe, BBQ lunch with produce from local farmers market.
  • Price: Adult - $145 | Concession/Student - $130 | Child (5-17 y.o) - $65 | Family of 4 - $355




wukaluwikiwayna/Maria Island is rich in natural and cultural heritage. People from many nations have visited this island that towers off the East Coast of Tasmania. Frequented by the Palawa people, named by the Dutch, explored by the French, transformed by the English, styled by an Italian and farmed by a South African - the human history is only the surface. For those intrigued by geology, flora and fauna, Maria is a wonderland of discovery. Plus Wombats.

  • Details: 8km | 4 hrs walking time | 80m elevation gain | Departs: Wednesdays and Saturdays | 8:30am -  6:45pm
  • Difficulty: T1 – Well defined and wide tracks on easy to moderate terrain, in slightly modified natural environments. You will require a modest level of fitness. Suitable for beginner hikers. 
  • Food: Morning tea with fresh fruit, pressed local coffee and brewed tea, cooked Italian lunch, afternoon wine and cheese. 
  • Price: Adult - $195 | Concession/Student - $185 | Child (5-17 y.o) - $135 | Family of 4 - $525


Explore other great walks of Tasmania, please note these trips operate by request only and prices range depending on participants. If there are other walking destinations or hikes you wish to do please let us know.


South West National Park. By Request. 

5 hour return. 15km. Grade 3. 

Australia's most southern coastline is also the country's most unspoilt. No roads lead to this beautiful, untouched and often wild region. The last day of the famous 7 day South Coast Track.


Hartz Mountain National Park. By Request.

3-5 hour return. 7.4km. Grade 4. 

The great backbone of rock extending almost the entire length of the park is dolerite. This igneous rock which is very resistant to weathering, intruded into the earth's outer crust around 165 million y.o


Tasman National Park. By Request. 

5 hour return. 14km. Grade 4.

Stunning coastal seascapes that include rock platforms, towering cliffs and columns, off-shore islands and swirling seas. Take your lunch, spend some time and gaze in awe at majestic views.


Cradle Mt. Lake St. Clair National Park.

7-8 hour circuit walk. 18km. Grade 5. 

An easily accessible mountain walk giving outstanding views of Lake St Clair, Mt Olympus, Frenchmans Cap and the headwaters of the Franklin River.

This hike also involves a 5hr return drive.

By Request Hikes - 1 to 3 People

Groups of 1-3 travel in our Nissan Patrol 4wd vehicle. Comfortable transport with arm rests, drink holders, air conditioning, spacious cabin and plenty of storage space for your luggage and Tasmanian products.

(1) One Day - $500 - total for all guests 

(2) Two Days - $700 - total for all guests 

(3) Three Days - $1050 - total for all guests

more than 3 days? - contact us for quote

By Request Hikes - 4 to 9 People

Groups of 4-9 travel in our 2011 Ford Transit Bus. Comfortable transport with plenty of leg room, air conditioning, spacious cabin and plenty of storage space for your luggage and Tasmanian products.

(1) One Day - $600 - total for all guests 

(2) Two Days - $900 - total for all guests 

(3) Three Days - $1250 - total for all guests

(4) Four Days - $1500 - total for all guests 

more than 3 days? - contact us for quote

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