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South West Tasmania

Wilderness World Heritage Area, Ancient Landscapes, Towering Trees, Waterfalls & Lakes

An early correspondent wrote in 1885, "How shall I describe this waterfall? Painter and poet together would fail to convey more than a shadow of its sublime grandeur... take it for granted Russell's Falls in their degree are incomparably beautiful stamped with a bold individuality of picturesqueness, strikingly romantic, and a wealth of vernal setting, purely Tasmanian and to be seen nowhere else". 

Becoming a popular place for winter sports in the 1920's, the pioneers were a daring breed. Venturing in the highlands on home made skis and constructing shelters such as Twigh-Light Tarn hut, still in use today.

A place where the said, last Tasmanian Tiger was captured in 1933 and a place visited by mountaineering royalty,

Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay back in the 1960's. It is however the geological and natural history that take this place to a world class level. 

A truely spectacular visual occurs every autumn, when the states only native deciduous plant, colours the landscape.  The annual 'turning of the Fagus' creates a change of colour in this lush green landscape when the foliage transitions from yellow to golden to orange and red. Beneath the flora lies an incredibly diverse landscape, most recently carved by glacial activity 12,000 years ago. The mountain peaks, valleys and lakes offer visitors a geological feast for the eyes. So come with us and explore one of Australia's oldest protected areas.