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South East Tasmania

World Heritage History, Towering Landscapes, Unique Formations and Mystic Waterways

Home to the pydairrerme people for two thousand generations, the Tasman cultural heritage easily

pre-dates Port Arthur and its convicts, soldiers, sailors and whalers. Now days, the Tasman is a place of adventure.

The newly opened Three Capes Track, big wave surfing at Shippies, cold water diving at Waterfall Bay, daring rock climbing on the totem pole, soaring hang gliders over pirates bay and arguably Australia's best day walk, Cape Hauy.

Named by the Dutch when sailing by in 1642, The Tasman Peninsula was mapped before much of the Australian continent. Placing the flag for the Dutch, Able Tasman didn't find anything of trading worth, if only he found the much loved Tasmannia lanceolata, otherwise known at Pepper Berry. 

The Peninsula forms a natural prison and became the ideal spot to build Tasmania's largest probation station.

A place to teach and up-skill convicts who could then return into society with a sought after skill.

Not many escaped and those who did were faced with a strenuous trip. Confusing waterways and hungry dogs to avoid. Port Arthur is now World heritage Listed and makes up one of the eleven Australian sites of convict forced migration.

There is however more to the Tasman than convict ruins, as some of Tassie's most fascinating rock formations are found around the coast line. Huge rock arches, blows holes, Australia's highest sea cliffs and naturally eroded pavements. There is something for both Nature and history lovers at not only the edge of Tasmania, but the world.

Come with us and explore Australia's most diverse peninsula, The Tasman.​