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DAY HIKING TOURS: Our single day hiking trips from Hobart have been designed to give you a taste of Tasmania's great walks. Experience the essence of a multi-day walk in one full day. With a healthy combination of walking, sightseeing and matched with local produce. Our Maria Island day tour was awarded one of the best new tourism experiences on Tasmania's East Coast, in its first year. We look forward to sharing with you more iconic National Parks all within a day trip from Hobart.
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SUPPORTED TREKKING: Our Walls of Jerusalem Supported Trek is the first of our Tasmanian trekking experiences. We believe Supported Trekking is the future. Allowing people to visit outstanding places, without  carrying a full trekking pack and without intrusive built infrastructure. Carrying no more than 7kg, guests will be able to enjoy their trekking experience, without too much heavy lifting. Our 4 day itineraries visits the best of this World Heritage Listed National Park. Learn more by downloading one of our trip PDF or contacting us for more information. - 
HOBART WINTER DAY TOURS: Our Hobart based Winter day tours give visitors a taste of what it's like to live in Hobart in the cooler months. A visit to Mount Field, is at the top of the list. We offer personalised and private tours of Hobart depending on your interests (2-8 people).
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Multi-Day Options: A Tasmanian Walking Holidays allows you to be flexible on your holiday.
We offer two types of walking holidays: our set itineraries or mix and match to create a combination of day hikes for a unique holiday in Tasmania. The best part is, you spend each night in the comfort of your Hobart accommodation and each day out exploring the national parks. Returning each afternoon you can enjoy the rich dining and entertainment Hobart has to offer.  
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PRIVATE AND CUSTOM TOURS: Depending on your availability, we can custom design a Tasmanian holiday to suit your travel needs. Last year we designed and created more than two dozen custom and private Tasmanian travel experiences for visitors from all over the world. Ranging from adventure and sightseeing to multi-day journeys and premium wine tours. Join our local guides and create unforgettable travel memories from your Tasmanian holiday.
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W J, M. - Calgary

With a spare day in Hobart we wanted a good exposure to the areas in and around Hob. Our guide Daniel, who is one of the youngest guides we have had, was full of knowledge and was very engaging. All of our stops from Mt Field national park to the town of Richmond to Mt Wellington to the lovely little vineyard (A Man and His Dog) we visited were well selected and a joy to see. We are often accused of being fussy "foodies" and we loved the food and wine provided during the day. We would fully recommend this small tour company for any looking for an intimate look around Hobart.

Liz, S - California

First, let me commend Daniel and Brenton for their prompt responses to my email inquiries. As we had never been to Tasmania before they provided me with an itinerary based on what little information I gave them on what we wanted to see. 

We visited Port Arthur, Mt. Wellington a couple of wineries, beautiful coastline, the blow hole, wonderful lunch of various fish and chips.

They provided us with lots of history and stories of Tasmania and the surrounding area. These guys are lots of fun to hang with for the day and we never felt like we were being rushed. We all said afterwards that we wished our cruise was spending 2 days in Hobart instead of just the 1 day as we know there is more to see and do in this area based on our conversations with Daniel and Brenton.

I highly recommend this company as you will not be disappointed in their services. They are extremely helpful in putting together a tour and quickly respond to your emails.